This project is a forward-looking design based on an environmentally friendly and sustainable development with new

In 2019, Master´s students of industrial design at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design (Simeon Ortmüller, Tobias Gehrke, Vincent Steinhart-Besser, Yigang Shen and Jingyue Chen) developed design concepts for a new form of mobility on water and gave the CAPTN project its first visible identity. The students have dealt with the question: What is the future of public transport on the Kiel Fjord? Kiel grows and urban mobility needs attractive offers to make it easier to avoid the car and to achieve ambitious climate targets. The fact that ferry traffic in this context connects the west and east bank over a longer period of time during the day and at a tighter frequency and that the connections to bus traffic play a central role is obvious.

The two different concepts of the VAIARO project with the names “Floating Platform” and “Passage” are characterized by pragmatism and radicalism in equal measure. For this purpose, leitmotifs for intelligent mobility and a new landmark in Kiel were developed. The project was designed as a cooperation from the beginning: Partners from Kiel University and from the University of Applied Sciences are working in their respective fields on the realization of an autonomous ferry. The parties involved were thus present at regular intervals for presentations, in the course of which the drafts and their own position were repeatedly reviewed and adjusted. In this way, indications of the desired qualities could be obtained. What is meant to be in the drafts is basically quite simple to grasp: When I come to Kiel, I absolutely have to take the new ferry!


Simeon Ortmüller, Vincent Steinhart-Besser, Yigang Shen, Jingyue Chen

Prof. Detlef Rhein /Prof. Frank Jacob

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Take-it Info.Ticket

This semester project be finished in July 2019.

This project is based on the electric autonomous Ferry CAPTN, which aims to establish a more convenient and effective way of man-machine communication. In the autonomous ferry, the design is to get closer in a human-machine interactive relationship and show the maturity of unmanned technology to give passengers more trust.

Rendering Picture

With the popularity of smartphones, we will gradually reduce the use of paper Tickets. The bill will be turned into a souvenir now or in the future. I have designed traditional bills for first-time users and are also doing a form with the Informations of navigation.

Question asking

Since CAPTN is autonomous ship, passengers will be as clueless as they are using the machine for the first time, and they need a guide to complete the first sailing. Before boarding, it is necessary to remind passengers of the arrival time of the ferry and the entrance by the dock. During the sailing, the ship’s movement, speed, or next stop etc. all of status informations are essential for passengers that should let passengers know in real time. I also hope that, through interactive media, tickets can play a more interesting communication and establish a good first experience for passengers.

Visual sign system design of CAPTN and Take-it
design content

The design includes a paper ticket and an application that passengers download to their mobile phones. Since the CAPTN project connects public transportation to the ferry dock, the navigation and status display services is effective from the bus station until the destination wherever the passenger arrives.

The newly designed tickets are made available through ticket machines. Visitors can use this ticket to get on and off through the ticket gates. The ticket is also used to record the data of the user during the trip. The passenger can easily monitor the information about the current status of the ferry with their own smartphone. After driving, the passenger can take the ticket as a souvenir back home.

Take-it Navigation and E-ticket
Interactive AR Effect on Info.Ticket
Exhibition in Ein/Ausblick annual Design Show